16L Smart Waste Bin

  • MOQ:1000 pieces
  • Lead Time:30 days (May vary depending on quantity.)
  • customization:Materials, colors, sizes, shapes, logo, etc.
  • Services:Quick reply within 12 hours for working days
  • This is a 16L smart trash can.
  • Whether in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, office is a good choice.
  • This smart trash can can open the lid of the trash can by human body sensing, touching, and switching. The lid will not close if it detects that you are still throwing garbage when the lid is open. When the sensing device on the lid does not sense the lid within a few seconds after the lid automatically closed.
  • The battery version of the smart trash can requires a separate battery, and the rechargeable version of the smart trash can comes with a data cable

Additional information

Rechargeable version

23.2*23*30.5cm, 911g

Battery Version

23.2*23*30.5cm, 891g

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