Large Household Clothes Storage Box

  • MOQ:1000 pieces
  • Lead Time:30 days (May vary depending on quantity.)
  • customization:Materials, colors, sizes, shapes, logo, etc.
  • Services:Quick reply within 12 hours for working days
  • Plastic storage bin with carrying handle and wheels.
  • The small size is a plastic storage box with a latch and carrying handle. The latch keeps the objects inside well and does not easily fall out, while the lid prevents dust from entering the interior of the storage box. The carrying handle makes it easy to carry.
  • Large storage box with wheels on the bottom and latches on the sides and a lid on the top.
  • The large size can carry more and heavier objects and the wheels on the bottom make it easier to move around.
  • The lid at the top keeps dust out of the box when carrying clothes, quilts etc. Plastic bins are easier to use than non-woven bins to keep out moisture in wet weather.

Additional information


25*18.5*15.5cm, 185g
With carrying handle, no wheels


30.5*23*19cm,327g, Carry Handle
With carrying handle, no wheels


37.2*27.4*23cm, 542g
No carrying handle, no wheels


50.1*36.7*32.5cm, 1108g
No carrying handle, with wheels


59*43*37.5cm, 1682g
No carrying handle, with wheels

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