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One-stop injection moulding service from design to manufacture

What We do?

Mould design as the core, supporting mould manufacturing, product OEM commercial services.

Mould Design

From sketch To 3D Models

While Prototype Tooling Plastic, Our preferred method for designing injection moulding tools is to work from full CAD files for each required component. Alternatively, we can also work from sketches or descriptions ro create your bespoke design. We also offer a comprehensive DFM(design for manufacturing) assessment to ensure the optimum balance between effective manufacturing and the best possible 3D design

Mould Design

From sketch To 3D Models

Our state of the art facility offers a complete new and reconditioned mould service with automated, three axis, VMC centres, high speed milling, and Schadic slow wire and EDM machines, and Hanbar twin head spark machines. We also have a dedicated grinding shop that can make and repair moulds up to 32*60*43 inches in size and weighing up to 12000 pounds. And, with our advanced tooling capabilities, can make assembly and welding fixtures.

We adhere to an accuracy tolerance of (+/-) 0.001 inches to manufacture quality single shot injection moulds to ISO and UL specifications.

Make Your Own Mould

From design to manufacture, from mould to product, all aspects of your ideas are realised

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