Plastic Product Manufacturers in China: A Complete Guide

Plastic product and mould manufacturers all tend to be specialized in a certain niche. While they may cover one or more categories, you should only be on the lookout for suppliers that are making your type of plastic product or mould.

About to import trash cans, storage boxes or other home & garden plastic products from China? In this article, we cover everything startups and other small businesses must know:

  • Product categories
  • How to find the right supplier on Alibaba or Globalsources
  • Buying private label plastic products
  • Customizing design
  • Mandatory safety standards and labels
  • MOQ Requirements
  • Trade shows for plastic products

Product categories

Generally speaking, companies producing plastic products are also divided into injection moulding and blow moulding, among others. Different processes make different products.

In my company, for example, we are primarily a plastics company that manufactures injection moulds. Our products are mainly hard plastic products such as clothes storage bins, kitchen bins, tray tables, chairs, bath tubs etc.

And the main products of blow moulding companies may be bottles, jars, food containers, etc.

Depending on the type of product you own, you can go into Google, search out the process for your product, then find the right manufacturer and seek cooperation.
For example, your product might be a plastic storage box, so all you have to do is open Google and search for what is the process for processing plastic storage boxes? Google will tell you that plastic storage boxes are produced by injection moulding. Then you need to go into Google again and search for what injection moulding manufacturers are in the USA/UK/China?
You can choose the company you trust from the many search results.

How to find the right supplier on Alibaba or Globalsources

First you need to type in or into Google Chrome, Here is an example of Alibaba. When you go to the Alibaba home page, you will see the image below, click on My Alibaba and in the pop-up window, register or login.

Once you have successfully logged in, you can click on the down arrow in the search box at the top, You can choose whether you want to search by product category or by supplier.

Here we use our product laptop tray desk as an example. When you search for the term laptop tray desk in the search box, the results will appear as shown in the image.

This time on the left-hand page you can filter by category, type of supplier, product type, minimum order, price range, region of the supplier and other dimensions according to your preferences. The suppliers appearing on the right will follow certain rules to determine the order in which you see them.

Let me explain to you the rules of their ranking.

Are the best quality merchants always at the top? Not necessarily.
Search result rankings are influenced by transaction value, star rating, whether or not you have placed an ad, how well the merchant’s title and details match the buyer’s search, and more.
For example, in the information in the red circle, you can see that the two suppliers have four and two stars respectively, and there is also a difference in the number of years they have been open on Ali between 5 and 2 years.
Generally speaking buyers choose to trust suppliers with high star ratings and years of experience more.
The number of years is simple, just keep renewing your membership.
So how do you upgrade your star rating?
Apart from the high quality of the content of the products posted, the most important factor is the number of transactions.
Many suppliers will use their foreign accounts to send money to their own accounts on Ali, disguised as real transactions. This boosts improve their shop ranking to attract more real buyers.

So how exactly do you find the right supplier? After the above analysis you should understand that star ratings and rankings should not be the ultimate judge of whether a supplier is trustworthy or not.
If there is a Chinese supplier you want to work with, then put their company name into a Google search, search for their Chinese name and then search the Chinese search engines to find out more about them, such as their shop status on B2C platforms, whether they have a corporate website, where their company address is, what other buyers say about them, etc.

Find out as much information as possible to ensure the quality of the product.

Buying private label plastic products

  1. Private labels for suppliers’ own brands
    This can also be customised for your product, with custom colours, logos, weights, materials, packaging, quantities, etc.
  2. Customise your own brand with a private label
    At this time not only can all of the above things be customised, but even the look of the product can be customised. As long as you produce a design, or 3D, the factory can make a mould to suit your needs and produce your unique product.

Mandatory safety standards and labels

Generally speaking, the most common tests we use are REACH and RoHS Directive.
Of course if some customers have special requirements, then we may test the product as required. For example, Regulation (EU) 10/2011: Plastic FCM, etc.

Whereas in the US there may be CPSIA requirements for children’s plastic products and FDA requirements for plastic products that come into contact with food and drugs, etc.

SGS and INTERTEK can cover almost all of the test reports required in both the EU and the USA.

MOQ Requirements

The minimum order quantity for plastic products will vary depending on the individual value and volume of the product.

For example, a plastic soap box, which is small in size and low in value, may fit tens of thousands in a 20′ container, so its minimum order quantity will not be less than 10,000.

A lap table, for example, is very large and of moderate value, and a 20ft container can only hold 3,000 units, so its minimum order size may be 1,000 or 3,000 units.

A smart household waste bin, for example, is about the same size as a normal waste bin, but the smart device makes it very expensive, so the minimum starting order might be only 500.

Trade shows for plastic products

UK plastics trade shows such as K Show, Plastivision, Chinaplas, Plastpol and Plastimagen
In the USA, the plastics trade show is led by NPE
The most famous trade show in China is the Canton Fair.
Our company has also participated in the Plastic Home Furnishing Fair in Frankfurt, which you can search for on Google according to your needs

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